Front Desk Receptionist

Aguilar, Eunice – Worship Ministry Assistant 

Antunez, Laura – Executive Assistant – Executive Pastor

Carrier, Jacqueline (Jacqi) – Accounting Assistant

Cochrane, Dave – Minister of Pastoral Care

Dickey, Madeson – Ministry Assistant – Students 

Lovato, Dr. Mike – Executive Pastor

Lovato, Nicole – Kids Ministry Creative Coordinator

Lum, Dr. Joni – Kids & Family Minister

Markley, Norm – Facilities Director

Mendiola, Darlene (D) – Ministry Assistant – Adults

Mobley, TaylorElementary Ministry Coordinator

McCauley, RJ – Student Ministries Pastor

McIntyre, Sharene – Technical Production Coordinator

Noble, Timmery Early Childhood Ministry Coordinator

Norwood, Brian – Technical Arts and IT Director

Paz, Damaris – Associate Worship Leader

Rainwater, Marilyn – Executive Assistant – Lead Pastor

Rodriguez, Tony – Magnolia Español Pastor

Rosa, Lori – Senior Adult Ministry Director

Salas, Darline – Ministry Assistant – MagEspañol

Sherwood, Emma – Administrative Assistant – Kids

Setzler, Dr. Montia – Lead Pastor

Silva, Victor – Worship Pastor

Stoltz, Brittany – Cafe Manager

Urquizu, Indra – Ministry Assistant – Global Outreach

Wood, C.J. – Communications Coordinator