MarriedLife Group
Sundays, 10:30 AM – Online
Couples of all ages
Studying Various Topics

The 5 Love Languages: Have you tried to give affection to your spouse and felt like it was not appreciated? Does your partner say they don’t feel you love them? These conflicts happen because people receive and experience love differently. You will communicate love better when you understand your spouse’s love language.
Marriage with No Regrets: During the months of January and February, we’re offering a Bible study entitled Marriage with No Regrets. In 40 sessions, which should take you 15 minutes a day, you’ll go through the biblical verses that pertain to marriage. The study is ideal for couples to do together, but there is no reason you can’t do it alone. If participants would like, we may “get together” for an occasional discussion of what we’ve learned.

Please contact Roxann Andersen at roxann@roxannandersen.com if you would like to be included in either of these opportunities.

Pure Desire Support Groups

Warpath, Mondays, 7:30 pm
This group is now closed but please click HERE to email the leader regarding future group dates.
Host, Dr. Doug Weiss, acclaimed Christian sex-therapist, psychologist, and author has trained thousands of men how to break free from sexual bondage. The Conquer Series is boot-camp, which shows men how to find sobriety within 90-days. Warpath, the follow up to Conquer Series, equips men for battle so they can remain free for life.

Betrayal & Beyond, Tuesdays, 7 pm
The Tuesday support group is now closed but click HERE to email the leader regarding future group dates.
Betrayal & Beyond is for women who have experienced betrayal from sexual brokenness. Their healing comes from understanding the role of trauma, establishing healthy boundaries, exploring the depth of forgiveness, and learning to live in restoration. Click HERE to email the leader.

Conquer, Thursdays, 7 pm
This group is now closed but please click HERE to email the leader regarding future group dates.
Join 1 million men in over 80 countries who are learning to live free of porn through the proven strategies and practical tools taught in the Conquer Series. Now in ten action-packed digital episodes, each containing Biblical teaching to help men walk in freedom.

Unraveled, Fridays, 6:30 pm
In-person (off campus) – Begins 9/25. Click HERE to email the leader.
This support group is for women who want to manage love, sex, and relationships in a healthy way. Through the use of strategic tools, weekly exercises, and self-care, learn how to unravel the messiness of relationships.


Bob and Roxann Andersen
Roxann – Roxann@RoxannAndersen.com
Bob – Bob@AndersenMediations.com


Mike Lovato, Executive Pastor of Discipleship

Michaela Moore, Executive Assistant, Discipleship

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