We LOVE Kids and Preteens!

Our dream is to grow generations of kids that know, love, and serve God. We connect kids and preteens with God in Worship, help them grow through Bible Study in Life Groups, and empower them to serve and go.

Kids and Preteen Worship

Kids Worship
Sundays @ 9:30 & 11 AM in the Zone

Kids: Plate It

MagKIDS is “Nailing It” during our cooking themed adventure in November. Kids love to be in the kitchen and might even love preparing something delicious! Having a plan, a recipe, usually helps us be successful. The stories of the Old Testament prophets are like a cookbook that helped people prepare for the Savior that God would send one day. Even though there’s no exact recipe, kids will find that they can prepare themselves to grow a loving relationship with God when they 1) trust God, 2) talk to God, 3) listen to God, and 4) leave the results to God.

Preteen Worship

Preteens: Attitude of Gratitude

Let’s be real. This season of being in a pandemic has been difficult for our preteens. We want them to be happy, but it is so hard during this time of loss, change, and repeated challenge. Thankfully, we have a God who sees and cares for us. Harvard Health states that “gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness.” Maybe we need to practice gratitude? Join us to discover how and why we can respond with an attitude of gratitude.

Preteen Waffle Party

Come celebrate Thanksgiving with us!

November 21 @ 10:45 am in The HUB!

Kids & Preteen Life Groups: Growing in Wisdom

Kids & Preteen Life Groups
Wisdom, at a kid’s level, is learning to see things God’s way.

Register for a Life Group HERE!

Join in the fun of small group Bible Study and fellowship, as our kids grow life long friendships with kids their age. Our midweek is an intentional time of growing Jesus followers to grow in wisdom as they learn God’s Word, to serve others with their family, and to go share Jesus with their world.


Milestones: Preschool – Elementary

We are here to support you as you spiritually parent your kids. Join us for celebrations at each level of their spiritual development. 

KidLead: Preteen Leadership

Preteens are uniquely suited to learn how to be leaders. They love to be involved, are developing the ability to learn abstract ideas, and are gifted by God to serve Him. Join our leadership camp and preteen leadership team.

MagKIDS Volunteer Team

Kids ministry leaders change the face of eternity, with your ministry impacting not just one kid, but that kid’s friends, future family, and future family’s family. There’s nothing better! Join our team!

Take the first step and complete this application!

Kids/Preteen Volunteer Application

Tender Hearts

Tender Hearts is Magnolia Church’s ministry to kids with special needs and their families. We believe that all people bear God’s image and are valued. We seek to share God’s love in a nurturing and safe environment. We also provide support to parents of kids with special needs, connecting them with others and the church, so we can share the joy and challenges of life together. We want your kids to have a great experience. Because every kid is different, let’s connect before Sunday morning. We’d love to get to know you and your kids, and for you to get to know us.

To register contact TenderHearts@magonline.com

Trail Life / American Girls Heritage

Join our outdoor adventure troops! Magnolia Church hosts Trail Life for guys and American Heritage Girls for gals.
More information HERE.

MagKIDS & Preteen Team

Joni Lum, Children’s Minister

Nicole Lovato, Elementary & Preteen Children’s Ministry Coordinator

Grace Lucero, MagKids Ministry Assistant

We would like to treat you to kids and family resources.
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