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Adult Sunday Life Groups

Magnolia Church offers Life Groups for all ages. Each Life Group provides participants opportunities to:
Experience Biblical community, discover God’s Word through teaching, and reach out to non-believers.
Each Life Group is taught by knowledgeable and caring leaders who lead in discovering the truth of God’s Word and its application to every aspect of life, leading each person to become an authentic follower of Jesus Christ.

Find the right Life Group for you.


Life Groups Schedule

8:00 am

Adult Life Groups Only | No Worship Service

9:30 am

Life Groups for all ages | Worship Service

11:00 am

Preschool and Adults | Worship Service

Information also available at Mag Central on Sunday mornings.


Español Life Groups and Worship Service

9:30 am

Life Groups

11:00 am – The Loft – “C” Bldg.

Worship Service



Mike Lovato, Adult Ministries Pastor

Koko Sisco, Ministry Assistant