20th Annual Burnt Offerings BBQ Competition
June 28-29

Friday, June 28 – Team Prep

Saturday, June 29 – Judging and Competition

It’s that time of year again for our Burnt Offering BBQ Competition.  Come ready to show off your BBQ skills while you enjoy fellowship.

Volunteers needed! Find your place to serve from set-up to parking, we need your help. Click HERE to view the areas we need your help in.

Team Sign-Up

20th Annual Burnt Offerings – Backyard Competition

A Backyard Series contest is not just a competition; it’s a thrilling and enjoyable way for barbecue enthusiasts to showcase their skills in a more accessible and fun environment.

The Backyard Series allows amateur barbecue cooks to participate and compete against other backyard teams but have the ability to cook alongside Master Series teams who they can talk and learn from.

This Backyard competition is for Chicken and Pork Ribs. Contestants will have meat provided, including two whole chickens and two racks of pork spareribs.

Please have your Head Cook sign up for your team. The cost is $200 PER TEAM

Please have your Head Cook sign up for your team.

Backyard Competition

20th Annual Burnt Offerings – Master Series Competition

Master Series Competition

If you have any questions, please contact Jim Palmer at 714-319-1782 or email him at jpee@sbcglobal.net