Kidlead – Preteen Leadership Camp

July 6 – 8th | 9 – 11 AM

Preteens are made to lead!

Join us for leadership training for preteens, ages 10-12. We will learn what leadership is and each participant will gain hands-on experience in organizational leadership.

The cost is $15 for the training workbook, scholarships are available.

Sign-up HERE!

Escape Room – Family Edition

July 14 | 6:30pm

Adventure Families!

Dr. Herman Kuessner needs your help! Travel back in time to locate the extinct Choloepus Panthera Leo — an animal that is part sloth, part lion! Your team of explorers will have to figure out how to travel back in time, locate the animal, and take a photograph of it . . . all in under 30 minutes.

Families are invited to register and play together or form your own adventure teams, with at least one adult per team of up to 6.

Register HERE!

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