June 14, 2015

Transformed: How God Changes Rebels Into Servants

1. Introduction
• According to the book of Romans, God is in the business of transforming rebels into servants.

• According to the book of Romans, God is on a mission to save rebels who were once against him, and changes them into servants who are now for him.

2. Romans 12:1-21 (ESV)
• God does not want us to go back to our rebellious ways.
• God wants us to be his servants and follow his ways.

3. According to Romans 12, God wants us to be transformed.
• God wants us to do his perfect will (v.1-2).
• God wants us to use our spiritual gifts (v.3-8).
• God wants us to demonstrate his love to others (v.9-21).

4. Paul wants us to be transformed in five important areas of our lives:
• Transformed at Home.
• Transformed at Work.
• Transformed at Church.
• Transformed with Neighbors.
• Transformed in the World.

o Is your home a refuge?
o Do you set an example at work?
o Do you serve others at church?
o Do you show love to your neighbors?
o Do you live differently than the world?

When we are transformed, God’s ways become our ways. We need to be less of a rebel and more of a servant so people can see Jesus Christ in all of these areas of our lives.