Montia graduated with a degree in Mechanized Agriculture from Texas A&M. One might wonder how God could use such a degree in ministry especially as the senior pastor of a church. Yet, having a foundation of understanding of how things are planted, nurtured to grow, and maintained in poor or rich soil is a good basis for growing ministry at home and abroad. A committed farmer recognizes new techniques and knowledge can improve the health and productivity of the farm. Over the course of Montia’s pastoral career, he has earned a master’s degree and a doctorate with an emphasis in church growth. Montia has spent time overseas in the Caribbean, Russia, and South Asia. He has seen what appeared to be barren spiritual soil produce much fruit as the result of those who were, “willing to sacrifice everything they knew in order to follow Christ…” Montia longs to see the Acts 1:8 strategy acted out faithfully by the Magnolia Church family, “from Riverside to the ends of the earth.”

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