Addison, Rochell – Executive Assistant – Worship & Administration

Chastain, Michaela – Executive Assistant – Discipleship

Coburn, Bo – Executive Pastor of Worship & Administration

Cochrane, Dave – Minister of Pastoral Care

Davis, Dianne – Preschool Minister

Carrier, Jacqueline (Jacqi) – Student Ministry Assistant

Jaskot, Taylor – Communications Director

Lovato, Dr. Mike – Executive Pastor of Discipleship

Lovato, Nicole – Elementary & Preteen Children’s Ministry Coordinator

Lum, Joni – Children’s Minister

Markley, Norm – Building and Grounds Superintendent

McCauley, RJ – Student Ministries Pastor

McIntyre, Sharene – Technical Production Coordinator

Ndikumukiza, Daniel – Accountant/Treasurer

Rainwater, Marilyn – Executive Assistant – Lead Pastor

Rodriguez, Tony – Magnolia Español Pastor

Rosa, Lori – Senior Adult Ministry Director

Setzler, Dr. Montia – Lead Pastor

Sherwood, Emma –  MagKids Ministry Assistant

Toledo, Noemi – Ministry Assistant – Magnolia Español

Urquizu, Indra – Ministry Assistant – Global Outreach

Front Desk Receptionist