Preschool Services

Join us as we focus on connecting with Jesus and others!

In-Person ServicesPreschool life groups from birth through kindergarten are now meeting IN-PERSON on Sundays at 9:30 and 11 AM!

Our Goals
We exist to give preschoolers, ages birth through Kindergarten, a safe, fun, and enjoyable experience that leads them to become authentic followers of Jesus Christ. Every time preschoolers come to church they will experience God’s love and be motivated to follow Christ. Caring people who understand preschoolers’ needs will teach them biblical truths in a clean, safe, and fun environment. We do this by ministering to the whole child based on Luke 2:52.

Intellect (wisdom):

  • We provide an environment that helps preschoolers grow in their intellectual development, introducing concepts about God, Jesus, Church, family, self, others, and the Bible.

Physical (stature):

  • Our equipment and toys are carefully selected to enhance the motor development of preschoolers.

Social/Emotional (favor with man):

  • We embrace attachment between parents and preschoolers. We train teachers to understand preschoolers’ emotional needs.

Spiritual (favor with God):

  • We believe spiritual growth begins early. As children grow up hearing our kind teachers talk about God and Jesus, we have the distinct privilege of laying a foundation of faith in their lives.

Volunteers are needed for when the campus reopens for Life Groups. Please consider working with our preschoolers.

Dianne Davis, Preschool Minister 951.689.5700

Delia Tapia-Rodriguez, Preschool Ministry Coordinator

Emma Sherwood, MagKids Ministry Assistant
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