Life Groups

Magnolia Church offers Bible Study classes for adults of all ages. Each Bible Study class provides participants opportunities to:

  • Connect with other people in meaningful relationships.
  • Grow in faith and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  • Serve the community and the church in meaningful ways as an expression of love to the Lord and his children.
  • Go to the people who do not yet follow Jesus and teach them to obey everything He commanded.

Each class is taught by knowledgeable and caring facilitators who lead in discovering the truth of God’s Word and its application to every aspect of life, focusing on a discipline that will lead each person to become an authentic follower of Jesus Christ.

Mid-Week Bible Studies

Mid-week Bible studies are designed to provide the follower of Jesus Christ with the tools necessary to live a victorious Christian life. Current topics are focused on sharing your faith, marriage enrichment, prayer, honoring God with your finances, church doctrine and developing a heart for the nations.


Mike Lovato, Adult Ministries Pastor