Our Vision

MagKIDS exists to grow Kid and Preteen disciples to become authentic followers of Jesus. We connect kids with God and others so that they can grow as Jesus grew, in wisdom, stature, and favor with God and people.

Our kids connect with God in worship (Sunday 11am), grow in wisdom by studying God’s Word in Life Groups (Sunday 9:30), serve and go through our discipleship programs: Leaders-In-Training and Nehemiah Kids (Wed. 6:30).

MagKIDS values the safety and security of your family.  All of our leaders are background checked and engage in child safety training.

Family Worship

Sundays, 9:30 and 11:00 am
Parents are encouraged to take their 1st-6th graders to worship with them or they can go to the new Kids’ Worship.

Life Groups

Sundays, 9:30 am
We pray that kids will grow like Jesus, who grew in Wisdom and Favor with God and people (Luke 2:52). In kid’s language, “wisdom” is learning how to see and do things God’s Way.  This is accomplished in our Life Groups where we systematically survey through the Bible every 3 years.

Kids’ and Family Worship

Sundays, 11:00 am, the Zone
Magnolia Church has a history of partnering with parents.  Kids are welcome to join their parents in the main Worship Center or to attend Kids’ Worship in the Zone.  To support family worship, every 5th Sunday we all worship together in the main Worship Center.

MagKIDS Midweek

Wednesdays, 6:30 – 8:00 pm
During our midweek programs, we seek to help kids grow in practical discipleship.  Starting in August, 2019, our preteens will enjoy Bible Study and practical service experience as they become “Leaders-In-Training.”  Our 1st-4th graders also start to develop in leadership and service through our “Nehemiah Kids” program.  Registration for these programs will open in late June.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, June 12 – NerfDog Night
6:30-8:00 pm – The Bridge
Join us for a night of Nerf and Hot Dogs!
MagKIDS Family Event (for parents and their kids of all ages)

M-Th, July 8-11 – Kidlead
Preteen Leadership Camp
9:00-11:00 am – THE ZONE
Hands-on Leadership Training for Preteens
MagKIDS Preteen Event – for 5th and 6th graders – $20 per student

Wednesday, July 17 – Agent M’s Mall Adventure
6:30-8:00 pm – Tyler Mall
Test your secret agent skills by cracking clues to defeat diabolical Dr. Mikenshmirtz.
Register your team of at least 2 families, starting
MagKIDS Family Event (for parents and their kids of all ages)

Wednesday, August 14 – MagKIDS Midweek Launch Party
6:30-8:00 PM – Wednesday Nights @ MAG through May 2020
1st-4th graders – Nehemiah Kids
5th-6th graders – Leaders in Training (L.I.T.)

October 31 – Block Party

Parents’ Night Out

We love parents and recognize that sometimes we just need a break!  The 3rd Friday of each month, we offer childcare for 1st-6th graders from 6:00pm-10:00pm.
$10 per child; $30 max per family.
Registration is required.
Contact Dianne Davis.


Joni Lum, Children’s Minister

Preschool Webpage




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